Monday, November 17


Thank you LORD that you are renewing me day by day.
Thank you that it only hurts so much, and that in the end you are true to yourself and you are good.
Thank you that you love me more than any other.
Thank you that you know me and still love me.
Thank you that you have called me. You have called me to worship you with guitar, to be a friend to others, to be a sister, to be a mother, to pray for healing, to take pictures and draw, to pray and pray, the list goes on.. and the enemy will NOT steal and destroy because they are gifts from you.
My hope and my trust is in you. You alone. You are the faithful one, the loving one, the tender one.

I'm looking at the road ahead and I trust you even though I am scared out of my mind. I trust you LORD.

What a weird weekend.

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