Friday, November 21

Finally the Weekend

Ahhhh. [Sigh of relief.. sort of..]

This weekend is probably the least eventful weekend of the semester for me, but I still feel like I have a lot going on. Tonight though, tonight, is the night. THE night. THE NIGHT!!!! Am I ready to be used? Yes. Yes I am. Yes.

I'm so incredibly ready for Thanksgiving. I'm ready for a 4 hour car ride with my mom, because I miss her, and I love talking to her. She completely has the wisdom of the LORD. Ah, and I get to visit Grandma and love on her. She's so amazing. Words cannot describe. I'm so glad we will be in eternity together.

I had some weird dreams last night. Not incredibly sure of the meanings, but I almost feel like an overall theme was "the future" and that kind of scares me slash excites me. I don't know though, still praying about it.

Oh! Speaking of prayer, last night was really interesting. I don't usually go to Thursday night prayer, but I figured I would go ahead and do it since I didn't have too much homework to worry about. So when I got there and Alana told me we would all be playing air instruments because the plug to the keyboard was missing, after some thought, I suggested we play the prayer room since I have a subscription, so we did that, then we went around the room and shared what God has been showing us this week and what He has been sharing about His heart for the campus. So after we all shared we went into a time of prayer and worship which was really short but in a good way. After we sang of Gods love we all began to spontaneously share what the LORD had JUST shown us during that time ONE song of worship and EVERYONE testified of God's love and it was so cool. Then, it was suddenly over! The prayer meeting seemed really short, but it was so good to experience TRUE fellowship with people.

OK. I'm done writing. Hey Holy Spirit, I'll be seeing you tonight! [Well, always, but specifically tonight..]

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Sykes Kid said...

yay God!
yay Holy Holy Holy spirit!!! yay :)
Dude Holy Spirit was totally present on campus today... I believe in the form of wind... it got us pumping and moving about... which stirs it up.