Wednesday, November 26

Over the mountains and through the woods


I love breaks. Especially breaks spent with family that I've been long overdue in seeing [Grandma].

The drive to North Carolina actually went fairly fast in my mind because I had so many [God] stories to catch my mom up on. It was just a really good time being showered in the LORD's wisdom through my mom. She's so cute.

But, you know who might possibly be cuter? My grandma. When we arrived we knocked on the door and she opened and the first thing out of her mouth was, "I knew if I decided to go sit on the pot [potty] you guys would show up! And sure enough you did!" Haha. And then after hugs and such she let us know that she was in the middle of watching the finals of Dancing with the Stars as she scooted to the back room to continue watching. Love her. Can't wait to spend all day tomorrow with her. I do miss my Grandpa being here, but it's been pretty cool just me, mom, and grandma, three generations, so similar in personalities, so beautiful.

I miss people already though. I do miss Richmond. I do wish it were winter break already though. So conflicted! Ahh. I'm going to take 10 million thousand pictures this week, my camera might blow up.

One of the wireless connection options here is "Beer Central".. I hope that's not my grandma's.. hahaha.

Lead, Lord, with unfailing love
Those that You have ransomed
And we will sing out as we go on
Our God is faithful


Sykes Kid said...

so this is a lame comment but i just realized your title... VERY CLEVER! :)
now to go back and make a real comment after reading it again...

Sykes Kid said...

ahhh what was i thinking... i remember this post b/c it was so darn cute! :)

yes God, you have unfailing love and it's BEAUTIFUL! :)

thanks for giving us sisters :)