Monday, January 5

I wish I were sleeping, but I'm not.

I'm up and I don't know how or why.
My brother and I had a fight today/yesterday/whatever you want to call it.
It was the first one we've had in years.
And of course it was over something immature and stupid.
And there came a point where I just had to be silent and swallow my pride.
He is dealing with a lot.
A lot of anger, bitterness, darkness, and well, I can only love and pray.
So, I fed him chocolates and ice cream.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Rachael.
Hopefully I will get to go to her house.
She lives in the middle of a corn field.
Very beautiful.
And I will bring my camera.
And I know we will laugh.
We always laugh until our stomachs tell us to stop.
And I know we won't have one moment of awkward silence.
We never do.

Anyways, maybe I'll try this sleep thing again.
Scooter seems to be doing it pretty well.

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