Saturday, January 10

Lord You Are Good

So much to update, so little time.

Since being back in Richmond I have been nothing but happy. It's hard to be at home where the spiritual level is lukewarm. I got to hang out with Carra when I got back and I took maybe a million photos [or 250, whatever you want to call it]. I also got to break one of her guitar strings which I still feel kind of bad about.

Anyways, I just want to post a praise report.

My dad.
Well, I love my dad. It's hard sometimes to see it, but I really do. He has a huge heart and sometimes it's hard for him to express himself because he grew up in a lot of broken homes. My dad is a believer, he knows a bit about the Bible, and he loves to evangelize to the people in Gloucester [even though sometimes he doesn't use discernment]. I got to talk to my mom the other week about their prayer life together.. because in a marriage God is supposed to be the center. She said she knew they were supposed to pray together but it's hard because my dad is at a different level [for lack of better word] than her in his prayer life. He memorizes prayers and he's been saying the same exact prayer before every meal for as long as I've been alive.

So here comes the praise report..
I went to meet up with my dad this morning to get something from him that I left at home. We met in West Point because it is halfway between Richmond and Gloucester. So after we said our hi's and he gave me my stuff he asked if I want to get some breakfast. I told him it was 11 and no one was probably serving breakfast anymore so we went to Subway. While eating lunch I was sharing with him some concerns I've been having since I've been back in Richmond [I can't get specific here because I'm not exactly sure who reads this]. We walked to my car and he was kind of giving me advice on the whole topic and then he was like, "Can we pray for you?" and I stood there for a second not really feeling like praying, I automatically assumed he wanted me to pray out loud, but after thinking about it I knew even if I didn't feel like it I should because it's just good for my dad to hear people praying and just see how natural it is.

So while I'm thinking all of this, he asks again, "Can we pray together for your situation? That God would just protect you and stuff?" And I said "Sure! Yeah! That'd be great!" And so he places his hand on my shoulder and starts praying. It was a beautiful prayer. He prayed from Ephesians 6 that I would have the full armor of God to protect me from the enemies fiery arrows, and he prayed a lot of other stuff that was really good. After he prayed I hugged him and thanked him for praying and he got really sentimental and just shared how much he loves me and Chris and our family and how he's been realizing that we are all he has and it's his job to be there for us and praying for us. I could see tears in his eyes. It was so amazing because never in my entire life have I heard my dad pray out loud and it wasn't memorized or rehearsed. God is so faithful and so good to answer our prayers. We just have to be patient!!!

I can't stop smiling.


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awesome. reading that made me feel good. :) keep smiling lady