Saturday, March 7

Spring Break [1]

In 30 minutes it will be the official end to the official first day of spring break... except the clock spring forward an hour so I'm not really sure how that works.

Yesterday afternoon Carra and I set sail to the lovely state of North Carolina. Something about North Carolina just screams hospitality, fresh air, happiness, and love. When I was in middle school/high school my plan was to move to North Carolina after I graduate college. I'm not sure if that's really still the plan, but it's funny to think how much I have always loved this state.

Well, according to Carra the drive from Richmond to Greensboro is only supposed to be 3 and a half hours... but we sort of took the long way and it took a good 5 hours [or more]. As much as that was frustrating, it was good... because God is cool and He loves surprises. He began to serenade Carra via ipod, and it was really sweet to see. Haha. But, I'll let her explain all of that if she wants.

Anyways, we finally got to her cute little abode and had a very yummy and healthy ginger chicken dinner. I also got to meet two special people in Carra's life which was cool even though I was quiet almost the whole time [because I am awkward, shy sometimes, and I was tired].

Today was so productive - it felt. We took a nice walk downtown and took a few pictures under some bubble and colors [hehe], had some amazing tuna melts with gingerbread muffins and PICKLE SPEARS, took some pictures and video in the apple store, did a little shopping with Carra's mom, tried some okra chips [YUM], had chinese and watched a movie [Henry Poole is Here] with Carra's parents, and learned how to crochet a scarf!

I'm sleepy.


warrior child said...

WOW! What fun!! =DDD I wonder if there's a special meaning of ginger in the Bible or something (probs not, I've never heard ginger mentioned in the Bible..) but you mentioned having it twice in one day. so I thought that was interesting.

wow. I need to sleep.

warrior child said...

Oh yeah! Carra, please share and exmplain the serenade!! =DDD

Sykes Kid said...

haha yeah, twice, that's kind of an oddity, if that's a worddddd.

basically the 5hr drive did something really good, and it broke me too, which can be really really good!!!

will tell laters.

but yes YAY YAY TO CROCHETING SCARVES!!! and hats and sturf. lubs