Thursday, June 4

Stepping into the wilderness.

I kind of want to start doing a picture a day.. but I don't want to say I'm going to do it and then miss a day and feel condemnation haha. Soo.. yea. I'm going to try it.. I might not be able to get one posted everyday but I will try to at least take one with my camera.

As I journey on this path of life may I find favor in your eyes.

I divinely came across an article/bible study online last night as I was researching "the wilderness" on google. These past few days I've been feeling lonely, inadequate, empty, desolate for several reasons that aren't important to list and I came across this article and it felt as if God was speaking directly to me and I began to weep because I have been praying that in this time of feeling lonely and empty that He would remind me of His love for me beyond words. To be honest I get so sick of words. People will say something to me that sound so sincere and loving but they mean nothing to me because their actions lack. I know God's promises, I do, but it's nice to have some reinforcement. So it was really good. He brought to me a greater understanding of what it means to be "going into the wilderness".

Maybe I'll impart some of this recently gained knowledge late when I fully digest.


Jessica said...

share the wealth! where did you find the article? I love the photo p.s.

sara_helene said...

That is an excellent fort.

Marti Sykes said...

I think I know who the architect of the fort is!!!!