Saturday, December 26


Christmas has come and gone!
Honestly, for the past couple of years I haven't been too excited about Christmas and the aspect of Christmas. It's nice, I like it, don't get me wrong.. maybe I'm just not much of a "holiday" kind of person. Yes, it's all about Jesus and remembering his birth, which reminds us of his life and resurrection.. but, that's something I want to do everyday. Not saying Christmas shouldn't be a holiday, it should!!! It's so good!! But just saying, this is how Christmas feels to me. It is a great witness to the world though :]

ANYWAYS! That's not what I was trying to write my blog about.

I can't even remember what I wanted to write about now..

Christmas is hard for me I think because I'm at home.. Home.. where we watch a lot of tv and movies, eat a lot of food..
I think being in Richmond I am so spoiled by not having television or extravagant food, because then I have to entertain myself with music and time with Jesus. It's so sweet and satisfying, that when I'm here, I feel like it'd be rude to not watch tv with my family or spend a lot of time at the dinner table..
It's something I'll be praying about.. that the environment of living entertained by Jesus would flow into the environment where we numb our minds with the noise of television out of boredum or fear of awkward silence.

This blog isn't coming out how I wanted.

I had an amazing Christmas with my family. It was great, really! :]

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow when I'm back in Richmond and my mind is a little clearer.

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