Monday, February 1

Winter Season

I missed the snow last time it fell here in Richmond. I remember that I raced home so that I could be with my family and not stuck in it alone. But this time I anticipated the snow in a good way because this time I had friends here to share it with.

Carra and I went out yesterday in our private courtyard and took some pictures. She let me use her new D700, which made me very anxious for when I can finally afford a new camera. Haha. I feel like this past year and ever since I got my Nikon, my passion for photography has exploded. I don't really know how to exlplain it, but the depths of the things you can do with pictures is fascinating to me and I just love how a machine can capture a person or a moment in such a way that is so beautiful, that even our naked eye can't do.

Even with that said, I am anxious for my 365 project to be done so I can start a different project. More on what that might be later.

Hebrews 2 is what's up. Haha.
check it out if you have some time.

Hope you all are enjoying this winter season :]
Let me know how I can be praying for you!


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