Sunday, October 24

Where am I

I don't know what to say. I find myself constantly wanting to blog but I am realizing that there is nothing new about how I have been feeling in comparison to my past few blogs.

Here I am more and more unsatisfied, squirming to find my place. I suppose I should just try and be still, which I guess in some ways I am, but I don't want to settle. Obscure, I know. My loss for words isn't getting any better as I type (because sometimes it does), so I suppose I will end at this. The leaves are changing with the Fall season and hopefully there will be a change in season soon for me too.

"Even in the valley I will sing
even in the low place I will praise
for You are good."


Meluippe said...

you were at humpback rocks!

Jesta said...

in time shall those feelings pass. then a happier person you will be.

Angela Williams said...

I got on to post, but then I read my last blog from the beginning of the month and it already said everything that I wanted to mention.

you're not alone.

Inspired Montessori said...

What an inspirational blog you keep.
Beautiful in every way.