Wednesday, March 16

Being Alone

Inspired by this video on "How To Be Alone" I decided to go out and do something alone tonight. Sure, I do things along all of the time: grocery shopping, going to the bank, drive thru fast food, etc. I never do things that are remotely fun alone, because those things are most enjoyed when I am with another person. I've been wanting to see the movie Tangled since it came out in theaters months ago, and never got around to finding someone to go see it with. I eventually just figured I would wait to rent it. I missed the showings on campus a few weeks ago, and then I randomly looked on the website for The Byrd Theater and saw that Tangled was showing this week! I realized I had Wednesday night completely free and that would be the perfect opportunity to go and watch the movie... alone. I pumped myself up for it and when the time came, I put on some makeup and drove over to the theater. "Just one please." I even bought myself some popcorn and a soda. And there I sat, alone, in a theater full of people, mostly families, and sure it was a little awkward at first, and then I didn't really care. I loved every moment of the movie and then I drove home feeling a new sense of independence, confidence, and peace. I hope this somehow inspires someone else to do something alone, because being alone doesn't always have to be sad.


Juliana Wina Rome said...

Thank you. It made me relieved.

Anonymous said...

Благодарю за информацию действительно увлекательно, однако меня также интересуют и новости голографии. Надо же развиваться в области голографии

Yvette Gutierrez said...

I really like this. :) I live almost the same way. Thanks for sharing.