Saturday, June 4

Spring Smiles

I kicked off my Spring/Summer 2011 by getting a cat. Despite my friends opinions and other names for her, I have named her Millie. She is awesome.

I also spent some time in the mountains of Virginia at a camp. There was a lot of porch chillin' going on.

Oh nature, you are the best in the spring months.

I was lucky enough to have Maggie's friendship and company all week at camp :D
Also got to get all gussied up with this handsome man :)
He's got me pretty smitten. (Photo by Maggie Peyronnet)

And then Carramel was reunited in RVA!

 We went to play at the river, wearing black tanktops.. you know, to hide the sweat.

 I also got to be reunited with my other amazing friends!

 Ah! Everyone together at last :)

Got to meet the beautiful Janielle :]

Shelly likes bubble tea... actually, everyone loves it.. except for me.

But, I was able to compromise with a banana slush - hold the boba. [bleck]

I've been babysitting too. :]

This is Sally.

Maggie and I got to play with her a little last night while the boys played some soccer.

And this is an adorable girl that was at the wedding I had the privilege of photographing last weekend.

If Summer wants to continue to be as amazing as Spring has been, that would be great :D


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