Monday, September 22

It's Kind of Funny

Well, right now I should be posting a blog for my sculpture class [], but instead I am blogging here. That is how bad I am procrastinating! I don't know what my problem is! I think that I subconsciously like to push limits. How long can I wait to do things and still get a good grade. The bad thing is that one of these days I am going to push that limit and fail. Boo. :[

I went to chapter retreat for Intervarsity this past weekend and it was the bomb [my blog will probably be screened now that I typed the word "bomb"]. I am so thankful. So incredibly thankful! God has very recently raised up a new testimony in me, and I've been wanting to testify, but part of me felt like a testimony is only justified if it withstained a year or more. Which is a lie. That's what the enemy wants me to think so that I have a year to doubt that God has done a work in me. Well, on Saturday night I got to testify in my small group and it was incredible. I witnessed God open so many doors through that, and I really thank Him for being faithful. In a weird way I thank Him for letting me suffer and be caught in my sin so that He could raise up this testimony for others. I really did have a good time, but as suspected I am now stressed out because I have my first Organic Chemistry test tomorrow and I'm already off to a bad start in that class. I really need God's grace on this one.

Last night was also the night that I lead worship for our prayer meetings. It's funny because we started incredibly late because the church that we do it at was having "Harvest at Nite" and the Holy Spirit took over and they ran over time. Which was cool. I feel like the Lord loves to switch my picture perfect plans around a lot to shake things up and give me a reality check. I really felt like the Lord was asking me this "Did you come to worship me? Or did you come to lead worship?" And I really was convicted, and couldn't help, but fall into a deeper worship. It was refreshing and frustrating all in one.

Mondays and Tuesdays are the most difficult days of my week. But He is faithful and I am really resting in that promise. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall SEE God!

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Sykes Kid said...

dude. man.
so hype God put you in my life.
now, i guess i'm considered a creeper for posting on your bloggage... but whateves...hehe

you are wonderful :)