Thursday, November 20

Busy Busy Bee. Honey Bee. Beecause that's my name.

Wow. Dorky blog title anyone?
But yeah, I'm busy. Real busy. I just ate a quick lunch now I'm going to go quickly to my volunteer work, come quickly home for a group project that probably won't get finished, and then go to IV, and then hopefully get my 6ft tall business man drawn out.

I'm pretty excited for the weekend. Tomorrow especially. We're going out. By we, I mean me and the Holy Spirit.

Okay, but, really, I have to go.

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Sykes Kid said...

I'm excited for you and the Holy Spirit!! :)

have a great time with awesomeness!!!
CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT AHAHHAHAHA miss. you. already. and it has only been like three hours!!! ARGH!!!

today someone asked me if i was in love b/c i was singing a song i guess of love and i was like "no..." and then i was like "wait, yes i am" "with who?" "JESUS!"

haha it was great!
I love you sister!
man i'm thankful that Jesus put you in my life.