Tuesday, November 18

Lazy Tuesday

Wow. I was not very productive today. But, you know? I'm okay with that because I barely have a day off. Even my weekends are ridiculously busy. So yeah. Yeah!

Usually I volunteer on Tuesday's but today I pressed snooze literally 40 times and never woke up. I feel kind of bad about that, but part of me doesn't think the kids even noticed. I would feel flattered if they did haha.

So I slept till 10:30 and then got up and lazed around until my class at 12. Went to class for about 10 minutes to ask my teacher where I could find paper. Went back home since I didn't have any materials to work on during class. Then I stayed home the rest of the day. I only stepped outside for approx 3 minutes total. That can't be healthy.

I'm excited about the thought of me, Carra, Shelly, and Hannah living together at Carra's house. I'm mostly excited about having a window, having a reason to ride a bike, a basement with endless possibilities, and friends that I am comfortable around. I am comfortable around Tara and Allison, but it's different. I feel like I haven't been able to make too much of a connection and that's probably my fault because I'm hardly ever home. But yea. I don't know. EEEEEE.

I guess it's time to actually do my homework that I could have been doing all day instead of lazing around.

I miss Scooter.

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