Tuesday, December 2

Oh, hey blogger, nice to meet you again.

So. I've been busy, sort of.

So much has happened over the past week that there's probably no possible way I could fill you or myself in on what happened. So I don't think I'm going to try or go beyond saying that I had a pretty okay break with the family. I got to see my grandma, but didn't get to talk as much as I would have liked or should have. I saw some extended cousins, but didn't get to talk as much either because they are all really close to each other and I'm just not around except for Thanksgiving, so it's hard to have genuine conversations. I saw my grandpa, the Lord blesses me so much through him. I spent time with my parents at the beach. They have been apart for a few weeks so it was cute to see them enjoying each other. I briefly got to visit my Uncle in Wilmington and pet his cat. So that's the short of shorts.

Back at home in Gloucester I got to talk to my brother about some intense things, and that was good that he was able to open up to me, because sometimes I worry that since I'm not at home anymore we are going to lose our connections, but that's what I love about our relationship, we can go months without talking, but then when I am home things are back to old times [for the most part]. I really pray that God would continue pursuing his heart, chasing away other lovers and claiming my brother for his own. I pray my brother would have revelation of God's love.

Overall I have to say that I get really disappointed when I got home, because I expect to have plenty of time to spend with God and just resting in Him, key words: "in Him", but what usually happens is I rest a lot, and am to lazy to try to bring God into it, and then I have regret. It's so weird because the spirit over Richmond is so different from the spirit over home, or my family. I feel God so near here in Richmond, and I seek Him, but the second I go home, all I want to do is take a nap and the last thing I want to do is open my Bible.

So enough about break.

Wait, forgot to mention that I got to see Twilight and I knew from the beginning that I would probably love the movie, but it would be something I wouldn't want to admit to anyone, but seriously, I really really enjoyed the movie, especially when you put it into the context of Jesus and the bride. The lion falling in love with the lamb. I mean, not the whole movie translates well into the analogy, but I do feel like God spoke to me through it.

Now, enough about break.

Today. I woke up. My room was a mess [still is as a matter-of-fact], and I threw on my new greens and a hat and went to class, took some notes then planned on coming home to clean my disaster room, but that didn't really happen because I ended up watching youtube and a Heroes episode I missed. Then I got coaxed into going to prayer at the compass, which was good, and Michelle went home with me and we cooked lunch and talked a bit. Then I decided to attempt to clean my room again, but wasn't too successful. Went to Chi Alpha's worship night tonight. It was really good, I found it easy to just slip into communion with God. To just stand before Him and adore Him, worship Him, gaze on Him, love Him because He is so so so worthy. Took off my shoes and danced. He is good. He is GOOD. He is good.

I am lovesick.

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