Tuesday, December 2

Cleaning mode

I'm in one of those modes where I have been cleaning all day and I can't stop. But, my room was incredibly messy that all I got around to was straightening up, and now I have a strong desire to organize.. especially my closet because there is a mountain of clothes in there that I just haven't had a chance to deal with. Maybe next week I'll do that. I'm also in this mood where I want to move out.. to redecorate.. to paint walls and furniture. Blegh. No time, no time.

I'm about to go to Harvest to get a ride to the Every Nations Christmas party. I don't think a lot of people are going, but I kind of like that, because I don't get a lot of time [any time] with the people that are going, so it will be good bonding time, and a good break from all of my cleaning.

I'll be doing discussion boards all night.

I had a really good night last night. I felt like I got a lot done at Carra's. She made me yummy yummy cups of coffee and gave me a blanket when I fell asleep. Even though we didn't go to bed until 3 I got good rest and had great dreams. I remember falling asleep with a smile on my face because of God's goodness and faithfulness and then waking up with a smile on my face for the same reasons. He fills me with much joy.

Well, here I go.

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