Sunday, December 21

Oh my stinky goodness

Carra's post brought me such joy.
So I'm going to copy it.. sort of..
Oh, how they make my heart squirm!!!

So, I'm on a horrendous sleeping pattern. It's awful.
I woke up this morning 3 times. The first one to Chris' alarm. So I turned it off.
Then I heard Scooter hacking up a hair ball, so I threw him outside.
And then the third time was Chris' backup alarm.

Anywhos. What a restful weekend. But, after today I need to seriously get to work on things that need to get done, and stop being a lazy bum.

1 comment:

Sykes Kid said...

i just want to give a puppy some kissys.
man pups are cute!!
GAH i love 'em.

yeah. haha
i'm gonna get one when i get a little bit older...

code word "mantsic" is it sick man?