Monday, December 22

Pressing Into You

Every time I come to Gloucester I slip into old patterns and find it extremely hard to find connections with God. I remember when Benjamin and I had our talk I mentioned that and I explained my frustration with God in that. I hate that my feeling "near" to God is dependent on my location. It doesn't seem right! But, God is wiser than I. Benjamin said he completely understands that and it gets better as you get older. Interesting.

Anyway, my point in saying that is: I made this video today, for God, to God, with God, because I am in love with God. I strangely found connection with Him in making it and editing it. It was so simple, yet one of the first times I could feel His glorious presence here. I feel it's a strong step forward.

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Logan said...

melissa, I love this video! The song in it is so beautiful. And I can really relate to the part in the beginning, lying on your bed and all the mixed emotions of being home. And I love when you open up the garage door, letting the light break forth in the darkness! You are definitely doing sweet stuff for God - press on!