Saturday, January 3


If God showed me anything this past week it was this:

-He wants my all, and I want to give it, He deserve nothing less, and I want nothing less than to know Him more, I want nothing else. Nothing.
-My secret place needs serious reconstruction.
-I want to be wholly abandoned, living without compromise.
-Things that I thought mattered, don't. And things I didn't think mattered, do.

[Misty Edwards lyrics have been inspiring me greatly.]

He's after my soul and He wants it whole. He's jealous and He's not giving up. He's the hound of Heaven and He is chasing me down. God, thank you that you don't leave me in my complacency, tranquility, and immaturity. I don't want the vanity of vanities I'm looking for the reality of all realities, I want to see beauty. Truth enraptures me. Looking at You is the only way I can survive, without it I stumble. Give me a steady gaze.


Sykes Kid said...

I love that He is jealous and will never give up... and I pray that I never take advantage of the fact that God will never give up on me!

(Like the picture of space...)

God Bless, and He does :).

Who was, and is, and is to come.

Michelle said...

I have been listening to misty edwards the whole day yesterday!! haha so when I read the end paragraph, it made me giggle because I knew some of those lines. =DDD

Ahhhhh! This blog totally has spurred and stirred me up... mmmmm. Jesus, I need more of You because You're all I have and thank you that even though you could totally cast me off into oblivion, you still desire me...