Tuesday, January 27

The Day it Barely Snowed

Hey hey there friends!

I had a good Tuesday despite the fact that it didn't snow enough for classes to be canceled, and despite the fact that I had classes back-to-back from 9:30-3:15 with only an hour break, and despite the fact DDR night didn't go as planned.

I did, however, get to have a conversation with a girl in my class today [Clara] and I'm getting to know her better.. it's pretty sweet. We talked about knifes and kids and marriage. She has a beautiful name. I also got to hangout with Carra twice today, once in the mornin' and then once again at night. We have a song in the making. A good one, a Holy Spirit one, one about war.

I am home now. My room isn't quite clean. My laundry is packed to the brim of the basket. I am in my most comfortable pajamas. And I am at peace. It's good to spend time away by yourself in your room every now and again. I forget how nice it is sometimes. But, too much of it isn't good either.

I'm ready for Wednesday, snow or not.

I want to do an intensive study of a book in the Bible, but I can't decide which one to do. I was thinking Isaiah, but I don't know if I could just start there without studying some of the earlier chapters. Hmm..


jduer002 said...

knifes?? what did that conversation consist of?
ps do itt and give it a go on isaiah!!!

Alicapedia said...

I'm glad that we are in agreeance on comments :). And yay for being able to talk to someone new in classes I have really been wanting to but I don't know where to start! Haha. I also know how you feel on laundry, I haven't done it in a while, it's overwhelming my room.

On a more serious note, I love the book of Isaiah, lately, I have been roaming through Joshua and reading the fall of Jericho and learning the power of music, it's really encouraging.