Monday, January 26

There is nothing like.. Your love.

I had a pretty good weekend in DC. I really feel the LORD is doing something NEW in the IV chapter this year. He is renewing hearts with a desire to pray. He is breaking complacency. He is renewing hearts with a desire for purity. [Though these may not be completely evident now, I am believing for it.]

Saturday I walked around DC with Shelly and Hannah. It was quite chilly, but at the same time it felt right. I watched them play with/feed the squirrels for a good 30 or so minutes.

The Hope at Hand show last night was incredibly amazing. Thank you LORD for their boldness, their SKILL, their desire to spread your word, that your word would run swiftly through the hardcore scene. God I pray that you would have favor on them and protect them.

A few things happened last night that were blatant attacks from the enemy, but I love my sisters because we always see those things for what they are and we won't be shaken.


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Michelle said...

word run swiftly.
Not shaken.
God is doing something new at the IV chapter.

Mmmm MMmmm MMMmmmmmmmm!

yes yes yes YES