Thursday, January 15

There is hope for Thursday

"Thursdays usually aren't good for me"
Well, and for the majority of today it wasn't too special. But, God always likes to turn things around on me when I'm least expecting it.

1. Felt the LORD's presence at IV tonight. Tears.
2. Talked to a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while, non superficially.
3. Laughed until my eyes were teary.
4. Passed around a yellow feather.
5. Saw a secret stranger.
6. Found out I'm not babysitting as much as I thought I was this weekend [now only during day of Saturday]
7. Watched Carra dance [hahaha]
8. Played new songs on guitar.
9. Fixed my printer [sort of, its good enough]
10. Smiled, a lot.

Tomorrow I have to buy all my books since it's the end of the week and I officially know what I will need. Good times. Praying for cheap books!

I want to be found faithful.
I want to be found steady.

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Sykes Kid said...

yeah there is hope for thursdays and EVERYDAY!