Saturday, February 14


Last night I went to Lynchburg/Liberty University to see Phil Wickham featuring Meredith Andrews. I've found in that past that I always really enjoy the featured artist almost more than the actual band, I don't know why [Coldplay featuring Rilo Kiley 2005]. Meredith's voice is so anointed and her worship to the LORD was so genuine and encouraging.

Anyways, I was so blessed to be before the King last night. I felt such freedom. Once I was able to truly enter into worship and throw off all distractions I began to realize I miss true worship a lot. It's weird because I lead worship Sunday nights, I go to worship Thursdays at IV, and through out the week I find a little bit of time to worship in my room privately, but there's something about not having to think about any of my surroundings or think about how I am playing the instrument or think about anything other than giving God the glory He so much deserves that I just entered so easily into worship.

Before we left to drive back to Richmond we stopped at a Sheetz which isn't quite as awesome as Wawa, but I can't complain. After grabbing an orange juice from the freezer I went to go walk around and see if there were any snacks worthy of being snacked, when I was interrupted by a woman in her 30's. She complimented me on my shoes. She kept telling me that she really loves things that are out of the ordinary; things that stick out; things that break the barrier. I didn't know what to say other than thanks and then I went to go down another aisle and she continued to walk and talk with me, telling me she used to make fun of her son for wearing all black and weird shoes and now she dresses like him [which is true, she looked very "hip"]. I just kept telling her I totally agreed and that I appreciated her telling me. So then I was telling Carra about this today and she was telling me that it was like an answer to the prayer I've been praying for a while. That God would show me how I'm different from others, how am I special to Him. I know it's not a complete answer to prayer, but it was definitely a special treat.. haha.

And then God reminded me of the verse in Hebrews I read right around the time I began praying to be shown why God loves me, and how I'm different.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

I do not know if she was an angel or not, but I can pretend. Haha.

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warrior child said...

One of the many many many things that I love about you is that you don't find any need to prove yourself to anyone. It's never 'how can I be cool/interesting/desirable' and whenever I see the moments of opportunity that come around to give yourself to become more 'this' or more 'that', you fight against it. That is a bit of humility.. to 'just be' in Him =} You're free to be Meliss =)

On another note, I really enjoyed Meredith Andrews as well.. I loved it.