Monday, February 23

In this place

I haven't written in a while. And I'm not going to write much now.
Things seem to be going pretty well minus all of the studying and academic stress!
Worship last night was very amazing. The Lord put a song on everyone 's lips and it was so harmonic. I was actually prayed over as well and I always love when that opportunity arises.
For example: At RIHOP Friday night there was a call for people to recieve prayer and in a room full of people not really anyone was asking for it. So I jumped up. I love recieving prayer. It's such a tangible way of hearing from the Lord. I know that prayer is powerful, and so heck yeah I'm going to ask for it! Hehe.

Anyways, I really shouldn't be on here right now.. I just felt bad that I hadn't written a blog in a while. Maybe I will have time to write something after Wednesday. Mabes.

Love yous!

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Sykes Kid said...

"tangible way of hearing from the Lord" like it... very good description, true true...

also, i shouldn't be on here either... should be studying for archaeology!!! and maybe we will study together... we shall see :)

peace and hope you are thirsting for Him!!!