Friday, February 6

Wow God, Wow.

Your provision is so sweet.

I just got home and it is already so evident that you wanted me here. I made a last minute decision to come home because I just really had an emotionally overwhelming week. With planning everything for CRASH, trying to obey the LORD in personal things with friendships, and just constantly coming before God with my prideful, jealous, sinful heart, I wanted to get away.

The 1 hour car ride home was especially peaceful and then I walked in the front door and my parents were finishing up a movie. I went in the bathroom and prayed that this weekend would be centered around God and His will. Then I went to put everything in my room and saw my favorite cat sleeping on my bed peacefully, purring. So cute.

The movie finished and my mom came to my bedroom door to say hi. We hugged and then I met my dad at the end of the hall for another hug [we usually never hug, but ever since he prayed for me, it has been so much easier, I see God shifting his heart]. My mom and dad and I sat around the kitchen table and talked. I caught them up on a few things that have been going on and then they caught me up on a few things. The conversation quickly and smoothly led into talking about the Lord and what He is doing in people around us. My dad shared stories about people who are getting saved through dreams. We talked about different books in the Bible. I shared the stories about how the gospel in the Old Testament using the Numbers and Judges examples. And my dad was saying how he wanted to read Numbers now.

My mom had to go to bed so I decided I probably should too, since I was so overwhelmed by all of the amazing conversation. I opened up this blog page to begin writing and was interrupted by my dad at the door. He handed me a bookmark he found in one of his older bibles just now. He said it had a verse from Numbers and since I was just talking about Numbers I would probably like it. He handed it to me, and I said thanks and then I read it..

The Lord bless You and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. -Numbers 6:24-25

As my dad began to close the door I said "DAD! This is my favorite verse!!! I didn't even know it was in Numbers! I've been praying this verse these past couple of months!!"

And now I am here in my room thankful for what the Lord has done, and even if nothing else happens this weekend I will be equally as grateful.

Bless me and keep me.

PS. I miss these ones.


Sykes Kid said...

AHHH, that's so cool about the verse and and just being home :)

love you!

and that picture is beautiful!

warrior child said...

Mmmm, that's so beautiful: being able to fellowship with family. =DDD I like that a lot. Its conversation that's completely having unity.. and it's even more special when you're having unity with family... idk if I'm making sense. I think you get me.

This whole blog blesses me incredibly. It's huge! The work He's doing in your dad! And out of all people, the LORD allowed him to reaffirm in you the verse the LORD's been speaking to your heart of late!!! It's so GOD! haha *sigghhh* Jesus, You're too great.. =}