Tuesday, March 3

Ready ready ready ready to run

It has been a very weird week.
We had snow. And we played.
Then I watched Parent Trap with Carra while Alana wrote a paper until 7am. Then I woke up at 730 am and was sick. Vomiting every hour. Was snowed in. All of the doctors offices were closed. Went to the ER. Went stir crazy for being in one room for 2 hours hooked up to an IV. Finally got home with Carra and passed out asleep basically until the next day [which is today] where I had a quiz and two tests that I was unprepared for due to my sickness. I pretty much bombed both of the tests but it happens and I know it will be redeemed one way or another.

Which reminds me..
I've been thinking a lot about either
1. changing my major
or 2. finishing my degree in Science and coming back for another degree

I don't know why, but I really feel like I would love Social work. Marriage counseling.. helping families adopt babies. I don't know. God will make it all work out, I don't know how, but He will. And well, now I'm getting anxious because I feel like I'm wasting time.


Spring Break is coming. It's just around the corner. It will be me and Carra on the road to North Carolina. An adventure to see families and friends. And yes, I am excited. Ready to relax and be wrapped in love and just love on those I barely or never get to see.

Mmmm. Getting sleepy, it's only 9:50. I'm at Michelle's and she's been making dinner for about an hour now. Might be going home soon :]

Love you!

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sykes1234@aol.com said...

Changing a major can be a good thing. Sometimes it takes a while to realize what you want to do, were meant to do! Looking forward to having you in our home.