Wednesday, April 15


Today was weird.

I woke up at a normal time and procrastinated reading the Song of Solomon that I needed/wanted to read for the day and whilst in the shower realized I needed to meet with my Bio teacher.. so I didn't get to study it at all like I had planned. I was glad I met with my Bio teacher because apparently I had bubbled some of my answers wrong on my scantron and actually got more right than I had thought, so my grade got bumped up, plus she gave me helpful tips/hints for the final.

We're studying Revelation in my New Testament class and I'm sort of struggling because up to this point I have 100% agreed with everything my teacher taught and had no doubts about his "theology", but now I'm not so sure.. I mean he's not completely off or anything, I guess I'm just discerning things here and there. I'm so thankful though that I am able to get more of a background and foundation on how to read and study the book.

My class let out a little early today and usually I go straight to RIHOP, but I was hungry and decided to go to BoDillaz and get a quesadilla. There wasn't really a line so that was cool but then what wasnt cool was their credit card machine decided to stop working right when I went to pay, so I waited around for a while knowing that it was making me late for the watch at RIHOP, but then he just gave me the food for free which was SWEET.

And yeah, I was late. The watch was good, I played guitar, not much singing, but it was nice. I love being in His presence.

Now I'm at the babysitting house. Kids are asleep... and I'm pooped.

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