Wednesday, April 8

Wacky Wednesday

As much as I want to complain and whine in this blog about how bad my Wednesday has been going, I feel like the LORD has been speaking to me a lot about rejoicing in my sufferings. When I say "sufferings" I don't mean that I broke my leg, or lost my best friend, but just that things haven't been going "my" way. Why do I always think MY way is best anyways? What do I know?

So instead of listing out all of the things that have been going wrong today [and it's only 4:30, the night is young], I just want to rejoice and say THANK YOU GOD that things aren't going my way, because your way is so much better. Yeah, it hurts, but as long as my flesh keeps dieing, you are being raised up. Glory to You!

Awaken the Dawn was incredible and I know I will never be the same, I refuse to ever be the same. How could I ever be the same? Once you get revelation of who you are in Christ, you can't help but stand apart, be consecrated. One of my favorite things that was said at the Tent of Meeting [haha] was that "We try so hard to be relevant to the world that we become irrelevant." So TRUE! God is God and God is good, and he stands alone, he does not shift one way or the other to become "relevant" to people, He IS relevant, He is God, He is our Father.



Jasmine said...

Woo, God has lead me to your blog. I needed to read that last part. You are exactly right! I praise God that things aren't going my way! and that I'm irrelevant to the world haha 'cause only he matters. amen!
hope all is well with you
God Bless

Jasmine said...

this was also posted on my birthday
(; cool