Sunday, June 7

4/365 - Scooters make me happy.

So here's my picture of the day taken right outside of church this morning. Scooters make me think of many different things and none of those things are bad:
1. My cat, Scooter.
2. Europe and the fact that a good number of people travel via scooter.
3. Riding on the back of a borrowed one with Ben Thurston around the beautiful city of Richmond.
4. Hoverounds

Carra went back to Greensboro after church today right after telling me all about the nasty house centipede she found in her bathroom. I better not have nightmares tonight about them!!!

My first day of school is tomorrow - I'm taking Organic Chemistry for the third time. Yeah, I'm not ashamed to say it. Maybe I'll take my pic of the day on campus tomorrows. Hmm :]

Worship in the park tonight - eeee! [that's supposed to show that I'm excited]

Ok. Peace out dogs.

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