Monday, June 8

5/365 - Is this annoying?

[edit: changed pic of day]

I hope I'm not annoying anyone with the constant posting!
I went from hardly ever posting to posting days in a row.
Well, I guess there's always that option of un-following me, which would be so sad :[

Hehe. Anyways.
I went to class today! And it actually wasn't that bad. I ran into Tony and Allison and that was nice and made me feel like I got out into society.. because pretty much after that I spent the rest of the day at home being a dork with my camera.

Before going to bed last night I asked God to help me wakeup at 7am because I want to get into the habit of doing that most mornings and be intentional with spending quiet time with him. So sure enough at 6:59 I am jolted awake. He is very faithful and very good :]

Last night was a little bit of a bummer because we had to cancel worship in the park for certain reasons.. but Alana and I were able to get some practicing in for our watch on her rooftop just like oldtimes. It was really lovely and the moon looked AWESOME.

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