Monday, May 24


I spent the morning driving down country roads looking for good spots to do a photo shoot later in the week. It was so relaxing and that's surprising because I usually despise driving! God was making me smile the whole time. :)

One of the first things I saw was an arrow pointing to the sky (see picture above). It's made of leaves and vines and such growing on a telephone wire of some sort.. and ah, I just thought it was so cool because it's pointing up, like.. to God. Yeah. Haha. Pretty self-explanatory :)

At one point during my drive I witnessed two deer running across the street. I was going probably less than 7 mph, so it wasn't too scary. It was actually really sweet.. one ran out first and disappeared in the brush, and then the other followed after in the same manner - both of them petrified. They were beautiful though.. I wish they would've stuck around long enough for a portrait to put above their fireplace! Hehe.

I also came across a really sweet looking abandoned house. Okay, well there was nothing imparticularly "sweet" about it - I just never come across abandoned houses so much - and this one didn't even have "No Trespassing" signs posted everywhere like all of the others, so it was less intimidating. I was too nervous to get any closer than to take the picture of the outside.. but the front door was cracked open and I was so tempted to go inside - but you never know what you'd find! (A homeless man, a roof falling on your head, or maybe even an ALLIGATOR!). Chris said he'd go inside with me tomorrow though.. YAY!!

Note: Also might hit up an apple orchard tomorrow with the broseph.

One other encouraging moment was when I stopped at the local library real quick to use the restroom. The library sometimes shows artwork from students at the highschool who are in the advanced photography class, so I lucked out and came to library when they were doing that. One girl had about 5 pictures showing, and each of them have a verse from the Bible as the title. It just made me so happy. Another self-explanatory moment that I just wanted to share. :)

Ok, blogging is weird. Hehe.

Happy summer people!!


michellemalpaya said...

Funny how you can find some treasures in your own hometown.. or moreso, how God just makes little journeys so beautiful =)

{aww soo excited for shoot}

. said...

me encantaron tus fotos.
son como mágicas,me encanta el campo.
tengo ideas similares a las tuyas.
yo vivo en un pequeño pueblo llamado San Esteban en chile.
muchos saludos.

sHeNiQua said...

its like an arrow pointing to beans! :) (ppl have no excuse to get off track now) LOL