Tuesday, May 25

An Abandoned House

As mentioned in my previous blog, I came across an abandoned house yesterday. I was alone and decided it would be poor judgment to go by myself, so I came back today with my brother! It was so thrilling.. never knowing what you would find.

The first thing we looked at was the garage/shed. It was just full of junk and debris, but there were some stairs in the back that lead to a second story. Chris rushed over, curious about what was up there. I stood back taking it all in. The next thing I know Chris is bolting out of the shed, stumbling all around with an unnerved expression on his face. "What? What is it? Is someone up there??", I asked. Then this gigantic bird flew out. He said there were two large birds living up there. I'm not exactly sure what kind of bird.. probably a vulture or something. Bleh. It was kind of creepy... but funny. :)

So we moved on to the actual house. The first thing I noticed inside was a stuffed bunny and a baby doll lying on the floor (with it's head missing). So typical! There was so much junk on the floor that it was difficult to walk around. How does one decide to leave their house like that? I began to form stories in my head about this family that once lived there. There were two bedrooms upstairs that had references to God on the wall. It was almost disturbing for some reason. Probably because the house was so dead, so abandoned. That is not my God!

I took one roll of film and a few digital shots, but we really rushed through and got out of there as fast as possible because we were freaked out. I really want to go back sometime and take more time to get some good shots. Yeah!

Anyone else feeling adventurous?


sheemadeaz said...

hey, cool pictures .. ^_^

ajnrileysmommy said...

i love your work!

Tariq said...

Do write about your next visit to the abandoned house

__MaaUuU!!__ said...

Woow i love your post and pictures xD! sorry, im here by blogger "next blog" :p

Salim_the Sagacious said...

So you have never been to the middle east? or Japan?

Melissa said...

@Salim_the_Sagacious nope! why?