Sunday, August 8

Cleaning Out My Closet

I've been doing some serious cleaning over the past few weeks. I guess since summer is winding down and I quit my job, I haven't had much else to do with my time. Plus, it's something I feel like I really need to do at this point in my life. I've gone through all of my clothes, drawers, miscellaneous boxes, etc. and separated stuff that needs to be kept, donated, and trashed. I have kept so much junk over the years (as most people do), but every single piece of "junk" has a memory with it, and I guess that's why it's so hard to give it away or trash it.

When I think about it, once it's gone I most likely won't even miss it.

I found a large folded piece of paper when I was cleaning out a random box. I started to unfold it and realized that it was a Pet Kennel log from when I used to work at the Pet Kennel at Busch Gardens in 2007 (?). I wrote a long paragraph on the back which was kind of funny. Do you ever see things that you once said or did and just thought, "I was so weird"? Haha, well, truth is, you still are.

Anyway here's what I had written:
"I'm sitting here at work, staring out the screened window. I am looking at these two particular trees in the distance. There is nothing too special about these trees, but for some reason today I noticed them.. I really noticed them. And I was thinking about how probably no one has looked at these trees the way that I am looking at them now. For some reason this realization made me sad. It's such a shame. But how could anyone possibly ever give every tree they see the recognition it deserves? There isn't any time for that. I'm sure from now on I will call these trees mine. I will intentionally admire them everyday that I work to let them know that they are special."

I guess part of me just wanted to document this before I threw the paper away.


joven said...

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Angela Williams said...

i really love that paragraph you wrote. I think I might write it down and put it by my window.

DramaqueeN said...

I just stumbled on ur blog randomly and i've been a follower of ur blog since then and i must's really nice..and ur pictures r off the hook, i think u r a good photographer...keep it up!