Monday, December 27

Christmas Snow

My brother and I built a pathetic snowman and I recorded A LOT of bokeh. I couldn't help myself!
& this song has definitely been resonating with me lately, which you probably already understand why if you have been reading my blog.

What do I do here in the waiting?
What do I do with my unsatisfied heart?
What do I do here in the waiting?
Here in the tension of believing again and again
Cause there's a lack
There’s a gap in my soul
Between the things
That I believe and I know
So holy spirit
You who fill all and all
Come and fill me
Holy Spirit, come and hold me together
So I fall into grace again
like a child I am


Meluippe said...

make more videos!
such as you playing the UKULELE!!! ohh thats so saaaahweeet!

Lp Bell said...

yes more videos/picture slideshows!
they're great!

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Kepp up the good work, i wish i was that good with words...hehe