Thursday, January 6

Week 1 - Be Not Far

For 2011 I decided to kick my creative-butt back into shape by starting my own rendition of Project 52. Each week I am going to do something with my camera. I recently got a new camera and I barely even use it or even know how to use it. I will do SOMETHING with my camera each week. It might be a video, a photoshoot, themed pictures, self-portraits.. I think you see what I am saying. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

So, to kick things off I made this stop motion video. Hopefully I will find some time in the near future to blog apart from this project, as there have been things rummaging through my head that might be nice to put down in a blog.

OK, enjoy!


Joey Clark said...

I like this...I'm trying to kick my own creative-butt back into shape as well


Cool, I loved it.