Tuesday, January 11

Weekend Friends

It is so awkward taking pictures in public. I always thought it was, even when I had my Nikon D60 which is significantly smaller than the camera that I have now. But, I really need to just own it and get over myself and not worry about what people think about me, because the end result is completely worth it. I wish I wasn't so chicken this weekend and would've taken more pictures.. I missed out on a lot of great shots.. but, this is a start.

Still trying to figure out what my Week 2 photo project will be. It's supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow.. so maybe that will help inspire me. Or help inspire me to stay in my warm bed all day.

Feel free to suggest any project ideas for me!

Bye for now :)

1 comment:

SeLFs said...

i finD iT awKward to shooT iN PubliC becausE yoU haVe to eitheR asK PermissioN oR risK soMe soRt oF possibLe wraTh. No?