Friday, January 14

Week 2 - Food Times

Hey friends! Week 2 of my Project52 is about food, if you couldn't tell already. Not too creative, I know, but this past weekend some friends were in town and we went to the same restaurant twice, because it was THAT good, and I was inspired the rest of the week. If you're ever in Richmond you should check out 821 Cafe because it is delicious and inexpensive! And the atmosphere is homey and cozy. :)

This one is from 821 Cafe too. I actually ordered pancakes and didn't even take a picture of my own plate! Oops.

I went to Target this week and stumbled upon this really cute quiche/tart dish and I decided to get it! The next day I hung out with a couple of friends and we attempted to make a spinach and onion quiche but, there was a slight malfunction in my assembling the bottom piece of the pan and when we poured in the egg it drizzled right out under the pan and hardly any of it was cooked into dish. It ended up being more of a spinach pie. Oops again.

See? Spinach pie! It tasted healthy, that's for sure.

Food can be so photogenic :)

Today my friend Shannon came over and we both had our little recipes ready to make some treats. She made Madeleines and I made a jelly roll (haha).

I think for my recipe it was essential to have an electric mixer, which I don't, so the actual roll itself turned out like a big scrambled egg and was sort of yucky, but the inner strawberry jam and whipped cream is delicious! I might have to try this recipe again once I get an electric mixer.

And Shannon's madeleines turned out perfect and they were so delightful! Aren't they just so cute? I love recipes that involve lemon!

Well, that's all I have.
Are you hungry now?



Boo said... made me hungry....yummy :D

Juliana Wina Rome said...

May I eat it?

chelsea said...

Looks so very tasty!
It made me hungry too..

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Kaitlyn Rose said...

Oh my gosh, pleeease send me the recipe for those Madeline cookies! So cute.