Wednesday, January 19

50mm Wednesday

Today was an unusually beautiful January day. The weather was perfect enough for a light jacket and the temperature when walking in the sun was absolutely perfect! And when the sun set the buildings were cast in shadows and the trees were lit up like fire! I love it :)

So, I finally got the 50mm lens that everyone says you HAVE to have.. and now I'm one of those people. Needless to say, I'm having fun!

This is Jack, he is an old skinny cat.

And this is Owen. Isn't he just a cutie? Everyday when I pick him up from school he holds my hand on the way out of school and then when he realizes that he's doing it he will slap my hand and be like, "Ew! Why am I holding your hand?" Haha. Well, today his brother Sam was joking around about how Owen likes to hold my hand and Owen said, "Ya, I hold her hand because I think she's cute!". It was just so precious.. and funny!

And this is Tubby.

And now I need to get ready for bed and classes tomorrow! I hope you all are having a wonderful week :)


sara_helene said...

love it!! you + your creativity + this lens = great things!!!

Sy's Prints said...

great photos