Sunday, January 30

Week 4 - Meet Josh

This is Josh. I watched him on this lovely Saturday afternoon along with his older brother Gabe and his older sister Grace.

This is Grace. Isn't she adorable? But sadly, this blog will not be about her (she was actually gone most of the day at a birthday party).

Josh wanted to play all afternoon! We played with trains, lining up the tracks and letting them roll right through. We played ninja turtles, lining them up in a row and knocking them down like dominoes. We also played Hide-and-Go-Seek and dinosaurs!

Josh is obviously a deep thinker.

At one point Josh decided that he wanted to dress up like a dragon.

He crawled on the floor a lot.

And fittingly said, "RAWR!" a lot.

And he kind of laid on the floor a lot (I think he was tired).

Oh, what a joy it is to know Josh :)


who'sthatlady? said...

beautiful children

Kaitlyn Rose said...

aBest baby sitting adventure ever! haha! That dragon costume really made me laugh. And I had that same Brio train set when I was a kid. Super fun.

Bryn said...

Darling! A wonderful window into childhood. Thanks! May Josh's imagination serve him well throughout his life.