Saturday, February 19

Purple Peaches

Happy sunny Saturday, friends!
Or at least it's a sunny Saturday where I'm at.. and windy!

Anyway, I knew that my friend Shannon would be coming over to bake with me this morning, so last night I was going through recipes trying to figure out what I wanted to bake. Last time I made treats with Shannon she made perfect little Madeleines and I made an inedible jelly-roll. Thank you Martha Stewart for your ridiculously difficult recipe.

I remembered that when I was hanging out with my boyfriend the other day he had briefly mentioned how he really likes peach cobbler. I honestly have never been a big fan of peaches. I think that is because my only exposure to peaches growing up was the kind that came in the can where the peaches sat in a syrupy juice that was never agreeable with me. And then the only other time we would have peaches was when my mom wouldn't feel like cooking and would get us the family dinner from KFC with the mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, fried chicken (of course), and then the peach cobbler. Everyone loved the peach cobbler... except for me.

So I decided, why not give peaches another chance?

I found a peach cobbler recipe and went to town. And here's the result:

What a beaut!

I was skeptical and took a bite and thought, "Daaag, this jank be good!"
For real, it was SO good.

Here's the recipe I used! Peach Cobbler Recipe

While the dish was baking in the oven I decided to take my purple tulips that Brendan got me for Valentine's day outside for a little photo session!

It's funny because he kept telling me about how he wasn't going to get me pink or red roses because he thinks they are "trite". So I was curious as to what he would decide to get. I don't know if I have an absolute favorite flower because I truly do enjoy most flowers, but boy did he do good. I remember growing up and seeing the tulips blossoming in front of our house. I would always tell my mom how much I loved the tulips in the front yard. It made me sad that they wouldn't last very long because of either the weather or little animals that would eat them. But these purple tulips were really perfect :]

Well, I hope you all are having a good weekend/week!
Thanks for the encouraging comments, I truly take them to heart and really appreciate them :)


Alex Martinez Photography said...

Did you take these photos they are very nice!

Shannon said...

MMM yay! Your peach cobbler looks so yummy that I'd probably try it even though I don't like peaches either! Phew.. glad I got outta there before you could take pictures of my poor burnt cinnamon chocolate chip muffins! :)

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Hhm, yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Lionel Messi said...
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Lionel Messi said...

thank you for this

Darlisha said...

Hope you saved a piece for me. The pie looked great.

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de'craft said...

looks yummy! what's the recipe?

Kaitlyn Rose said...

Mel, it looks sooo good. Share the recipe, please.

Melissa said...

the recipe is in the blog! it's linked, you just have to kind of look for it!

SeLFs said...

i tOO liKe yoUr PhotoS..
sO coLorfuL aNd LiFe
simpLe liKe being theRe