Sunday, February 27

Roaming Around

Today I went out for a walk and passed by an alley and saw an orange cat. I decided to walk down the alley so that maybe we could be friends. Right when we were almost face to face he snuck behind this trashcan and passed this fence into a yard. Jerk. And then he came out from another spot in the fence and ran away from me! No love!

Once the weather starts becoming that perfect "I'm going to go for a walk" temperature, I want to do this again and find a bunch of Richmond cats :] So be looking forward to that! I am. 

Also, I was going to share a sample video on here as well of something I might be doing this Spring.. but Vimeo is taking FOREVER to process it. So, maybe I will just make another blog tomorrow or later tonight with the videos. Be looking forward to that too ;]


Anonymous said...

Awwwww that cat sounded so mom gave away my kitty because she was dating this guy whos daughter was MILDLY allergic. now theyre broken uo and my kitty is in maine:((( i hate her but anyways which richmond? canada? yeah my gramma lives there:) i like your posts:) theyre cute:)

Melissa said...

Aww!! That stinks!! You should go rescue your kitty from Maine! Richmond, VA!