Tuesday, November 11

Actually, well, actually.

I actually cleaned my room tonight. And I actually showered. And I'm actually blogging right now, can you believe it? I can't.

Blogging can be very overwhelming because I feel like I have to document my whole day and all the details involved, but that's too much.

I went to classes. I talked to Michelle. I went to Shafer. I went to small group. I walked to Michelle's and then I got a ride home.

In the mix of all of that were a lot of different emotions.

I am very distracted by a person. And I don't like that this person has that affect on me, whether it's intentional or not. And I also don't like to see how they are manipulating those that I love. Sorry for the vagueness blogblog, but that's how it has to go.

I can tell this week is going to be up-down-up-down. Yesterday was an up and today was a bit of a down [issues with the distractions and my eye is droopy dropping] and tomorrow is going to be a little more up.. actually typing this.. I'm realizing everything is up-hill from here.

Tomorrow there are a few things I want/need to do and I'm anxious to see what gets done:
1. Volunteering at school
2. Sculpture class
3. Israel Watch at RIHOP [I hope I hope I hope!!]
4. Every Nation [haven't been all semester]
5. Outreach Meeting [Jenna!]

Then Wednesday is Seek. Roadtrips, Dumplings, Family, April and Julia, JESUS
Thursday is IV [duh] and babysitting <3, which by the way I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to watch them for 5 days next month :D I'm perty excited
Fridays is "okay" with my buddyyyy friend Candy Nancy McCamperson

And YEAH! So much.

I pray for healing of my eye in the morning. I can't even imagine having to go through a surgery. I don't have time for that. Jesus break in!

PS. How can I get good quality photos on here? Everytime I upload one and stretch it to a normal size, it is very blurry and uncool. See now this whole blog entry is boring because I didn't insert a picture. Lame.


Sykes Kid said...

you are cute.
and... i'm wondering something but i'll talk to you about it in person...

nancy is a good middle name choice BAHAHA.

God will heal. Man HE IS SO COOL. And beautiful and great and makes me blush. and yeah. sunsets yeah. those are great. :)

Sykes Kid said...

ps: "[...sorry that i'm taken aback by how i am you never askkk...]"

TRS!!! ??

Melissa said...