Monday, November 10

Tonight I Saw Light

So the fact that I changed the layout on here may or may not mean that I will be blogging more often. I want to. But. I know me and I know it probs won't happen. But maybe it will.

So this morning I wasn't sure if today was going to be a good day or not. I was late to church because I couldn't decide what to wear: cute purple dress? or grandma vest? I'll go with the vest. And then I couldn't find my Shafer card. And then no one saved me a seat at church. But, that's ok because I got to sit next to Abi and I haven't seen her in a while. Oh, also, during the time when everyone is supposed to fellowship with the people around them and we say hi to people we don't know, I turned around and said hi to the people behind me and they didn't really introduce themselves or try to start conversation with me after I introduced myself, so I basically spent a grueling 30 seconds staring/waving/nodding at them for no reason except to make myself look like a complete moron. Ahh I thought people at church were supposed to be friendly.

On the other hand, tonight was incredible. I spent all evening preparing for worship tonight.. getting songs together, worshiping with the LORD, praying, and a little stressing. I remember being upstairs at David's house talking with him, Rob, and Alana about how the prayer meeting was going to go and just hearing a lot of chaos downstairs and what seemed like an army of people. I felt really overwhelmed and lost a lot of my desire to lead worship. But God always has my back. And oh, Holy Spirit took over. And we sang, and they danced, and He healed, and I heard the angels, and I broke my first guitar pick in the midst of all that.

It was a great night. I got to spend some alone time with Michelle which was nice because that rarely happens anymore. Once a week if we are lucky and I could tell that the enemy was attacking our time, but we didn't let him have it ;] I love her. A lot. She can be in my wedding [haha].

I know this week is going to be amazing. I pray that tonight was just a glimpse of the week ahead and preparation for the battlefield. I pray that He will use me to display His Kingdom on earth. God use me! I am ready and willing!


victorious_beloved said...

i don't know you...i just happened onto you blog randomly...but it spoke to me.
i had a similar tonight really helped me. :) i'm glad to see i wasn't the holy spirit was with you as well. i hope you have a great week! blessings!

Sykes Kid said...


yeah break that pick.
love your sister!
dance with joy!

Dude, it's great to hear that you and mike (michelle) got to have time together, and it was such a great night and and and yeah.

I'm glad you wore your gma vest b/c i turned around and smiled at you in church but you didn't know that... and I'm glad you got to sit by her, it was meant to happen... i didn't get your text until after Pastor Chip was like "you are dismissed" haha.

silent. not vibrate. but it's okay b/c we all had such a beautiful day!!! my friend lane called me after church ( i didn't tell you ) but he was like "TODAY IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!" and I totally knew the joy of God and the Holy Spirit was flowing like the wind to all of us!!! So cool right? DUH! He's all the way in BOSTON! it's awesome. i wish i could think of a better word... but i can't.