Wednesday, November 12


So I'm in RODNEYs about to write a discussion board on Hamlet and it's due in two hours, so plenty of time. Haha. I'm drinking chocolate milk, and I bought a banana nut muffin to save for later, mm mm mm! Yesterday someone favorited a bunch of my hand pictures from flickr.. that made me feel cool. Haha. Wow, so not cool.

Anyways, I'm stoked to meet God today. I feel like we have a date tonight and He is just going to woo and amaze me. I really want to make it a point to stay in the midst of Him and what He is doing today, stay focused and steadfast. So what if it's cloudy? It's going to be a good good day. Oh, and Duncan texted me and said Jenna repented and has placed her faith in Christ [which I think means she accepted Christ into her life] which is AWESOME AMAZING, all of heaven rejoices!!! God I pray that you would be with her today and just love all over her and show her that she has made such an amazing decision to spend the rest of her days getting to know YOU!

Ah, ok, Hamlet. BYES!

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Sykes Kid said...


so romantic.
what a woo-er hehe.

nice title.
and that's super cool people enjoyed your photographs.

soft hearts tonight.