Monday, December 21

Winter Solace

It is now officially Winter! Hooray. Weren't we all begging for it? Maybe. My dad was begging for Summer today, but I don't know, I don't think it's all that bad. Winter is nice when the holidays are around, but after New Years I find myself ready for warmer weather because it almost seems inappropriately cold. Just sayin'.

We've been cleaning up the house and getting it ready because my grandma Polly is coming to town! My dad vacuumed the house today. He is the only one allowed to vacuum because he is allergic to dust and likes it done perfectly in a particular way, so no one else really attempts that because they know they will fail and not meet the vacuuming-to-perfection standards. Yeah, but it's funny because he ALWAYS turns on 80's rock music really loud throughout the house when he vacuums and that is the only time you will find him listening to that music. In the car he listens to K-Love. It's one of those things I got so annoyed with growing up, but have grown to love now that I am not living at home officially.

I did a cartwheel in the backyard to kick off the first day of winter and my 199th picture of the day, and in the words of Michelle Malpaya, "Ow, I think I hurt my hamstring." But seriously..

This blog stuff is getting fun for some reason! Or, maybe I'm just bored! Orrr, maybe I just miss you all and feel like this is bringing me somehow closer to you. :]


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michellemalpaya said...

Yay for all of these blog updates! =DD

hahahaha and oh yes.. those hamstrings!